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But first, please familiarise yourself with the Freyja Wellness policies & procedures.

Policies & Procedures

Cancellation policy

Freyja Wellness has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel an appointment please provide 24 hours notice. Appointments cancelled in less than the required time may be billed up to the full amount of the treatment. Late arrivals will result in a shortened appointment. If you do not arrive for 3 consecutive appointments without notice you will no longer be able to book appointments at Freyja Wellness.


Children’s policy

Freyja Wellness will provide massage treatment to children under the age of 16 with a parent or guardian present only. For longer treatments or spa treatments parents can consent to having their child left in the care of Cashmere Hawksworth but it is preferred to have a parent or guardian present. No children to be brought to appointments without someone to care for them. Infants in prams are welcome. Breastfeeding mothers are welcome.


Changes to treatment

Freyja Wellness therapist Cashmere may change treatment protocols based on the individual needs of the client. If a treatment has the potential to endanger or harm the client Cashmere will adjust the treatment so it can be performed safely for the client.


Client dissatisfaction

If you as a client are unsatisfied with your treatment please alert Cashmere as soon as possible. You are obligated to express concerns as they are occurring as you would in a restaurant. Give your therapist every possible opportunity to give you the treatment you are looking for. If you do not alert Cashmere to your unhappiness at the time you will be required to pay for your treatment at full cost. If you experience an allergic reaction after your treatment please alert Cashmere as soon as you can so she can place notes on your account to prevent reactions in the future. No refunds will be provided if concerns are brought to Cashmere’s attention more than 14 days after the appointment date.


Therapist protections

Your therapist has the right to stop your treatment and request that you leave at any point if they feel unsafe or threatened. Verbal abuse, threats of or physical violence, sexual advances and inappropriate topics of conversation will not be tolerated. Your therapist respects your views but is not obligated to suffer conversation that include but are not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or ableism.


Disclosure of important medical information

You may wonder why wellness treatments include disclosure of your personal health information. All questions asked in the Freyja Wellness client information form are pertinent to treating you in the safest way possible. Your therapist cannot guarantee your safety of you do not disclose details that could potentially harm you. This includes pregnancy status and current medications. Massage treatment on the body can negatively impact recovery of injury if that injury is not disclosed.

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